SENSES FAIL Ancient Tombs

Lyrics from thestyleofliving SENSES FAIL Ancient Tombs Lyrics, singer by SENSES FAIL

I don’t need to reopen old wounds
Or go digging through those ancient tombs
The past I’ve burned does not need to be exhumed
I’ve learned everything about myself from picking through the ruins

I am no longer the same
I found the beauty in change

I feel in love
2010 November
I let go of
all I remember
I found my faith in your eyes
I found my home
I fell in love
and I let go

All we are is a result of our thoughts
Awaken to the joy the love has taught
Patient and pure, eternal and sure
The ageless wonder of our souls endure

Better than a thousand words in just one
Said with conviction and said with love

The light in my soul
Shows the way to the hidden road
Cause it bends and it folds
Into the abyss unknown
There is no flower like love
No misfortune like hate
There is no pain in my body
There’s only peace



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